One house at a time, we can turn our neighborhoods from gray to green.


Certification Process

Certification is as easy as counting to ten. By choosing from a set of criteria and through third-party verification, you can earn a certificate with a 3-, 4-, 5-, or Emerald Star rating depending on your project’s checklist score.

The Built Green checklist is holistic, focusing on site and water, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, materials efficiency, and homeowner education. All certified projects must meet minimum requirements in all categories. The checklist provides a menu of options for builders: after achieving a small number of requirements per desired star level, builders are able to choose from a variety of options to tally up checklist points. All projects must have a third-party verifier, which ensures program integrity and provides the builder with added support. Don’t forget to join Built Green and enroll your project to begin the process!

Ready? Follow the steps below! Visit builtgreen.net for more information.

Certification Process