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Built by Blue Sound Construction, designed by MaKe Design, photos by Alex Hayden

King County Budget Proposal Includes 4.5% Permit Fee Increase

Posted on Oct 26, 2018 in:
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As part of the 2019–2020 budget, the King County Executive is proposing a 6.19 percent increase in permit fees to fund “Pro Forma” costs or inflation. The impact of this fee increase will be offset by elimination of a 1.7 percent temporary permit fee surcharge that is set to expire at the end of 2018, resulting in a net increase to permittees of 4.5 percent.

This will be a discussion item at our upcoming Residential Builders Council meeting on Thursday, November 8, where we will be joined by staff from King County to answer questions.

For more information, contact King County Manager Jennifer Anderson, 425.460.8240.


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Photo courtesy Blue Sound Construction, builder; MaKe Design, architect; and Alex Hayden, photographer