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Kirkland Proposes Increased Impact Fees Plus New Fire Fee

Posted on Apr 16, 2021 in:
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The city of Kirkland is proposing a three-year phased in fee increase on park and transportation impact fees, while introducing a new fire impact fee to be simultaneously phased in. Please see page four of the packet for a complete list of proposed phased in fees. The fees would apply to new single family and multifamily residential construction with the potential to apply to new commercial construction. A decision on commercial has yet to be made.

Discussion on whether reductions or exemptions can be made for affordable housing units is also continuing, and if so, how and at what percentage of area median income (AMI). Currently, only accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) may be considered for exemption from impact fees under state law. MBAKS opposes these fees especially as the City took bold steps last year to revise code to provide more housing choice, supply, and affordability.

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