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We want to ensure our residential building professionals and community members are able to do what they do – live and work productively.

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Political Action Center

There are many timely issues that directly impact the homebuilding industry—critical areas regulations, design review guidelines, sprinkler requirements, impact fees, permitting processes, and so on. These issues aren't just impacting builders and developers, they affect those working in related fields, from realtors to concrete pourers and from window installers to plumbing supply companies. Ultimately, these issues affect our entire regional economy.

Our association is very active in voicing our concerns about housing and growth management issues. However, the association is only as strong as its members: the more members who participate, the more likely it is that our voices will be heard.

These issues create new opportunities for members to become involved in creating positive change. One of the most important ingredients of a successful association is an active membership that is willing to have its voice heard by the public and by our elected officials. The accomplishments that can be realized through strong, grassroots efforts of our members are limitless.

Here are some ways you can make a positive difference for housing:


Given the importance of county and local issues to our members and the fact that every vote truly does make a difference, elections represent a golden opportunity for the homebuilding industry to elect housing-friendly candidates in King and Snohomish counties. Throughout the year, we evaluate elected officials at the city, county, and state levels to determine how they line up with our industry. Each election cycle, our political action committee, the Affordable Housing Council, interviews candidates, determines their degree of support for our industry, and publishes a list of recommended candidates. Your vote in support of MBA-endorsed candidates will go a long way toward affecting the outcome of these critical races.

Register to vote or reregister after having moved or changed names after the last election in which you voted.


Members are encouraged to contribute to the Affordable Housing Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. Contributions are used to help pay for our public policy program, which elects and retains candidates friendly to the housing industry, while sweeping no-growth incumbents out of office. This money allows us to maintain and grow political and policy gains and counters increasing regulations by helping to elect decision makers who support homeownership and our industry. It also goes to defray the costs of lobbying efforts and research projects that help to make the industry's case before officeholders and policymakers.


Communicating with elected officials reminds them that MBA members are watching the issues affecting the homebuilding industry. This could include participating in face-to-face meetings with elected officials, testifying before a local council or board, or sending an email to your elected officials asking for their support on a housing issue. Find your elected officials.

You can find more information on how to get directly involved on our Advocacy blog or through our email newsletters. Members are also invited to participate in any of our Builder Councils: the Housing Policy Committee, the Residential Builders Council (covering King County and most of its cities), the Seattle Builders Council, and the Developer-Builder Issues Council (covering Snohomish County and its cities).


Strengthening our relationship with Olympia

We, like you, wanted to ensure our industry’s voice was ever-present in Olympia. This is why we created the Primary Contacts Program, a coordinated grassroots effort designed to connect you, our members, with your state legislators.

Your participation is vital to this cause. Become a Primary Contact and make a difference.