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REX/T-REX Awards Entry Form

Deadline for Entries

Completed entry packets must be submitted by Friday, March 8, 2019, 1 p.m. PST. Due to time constraints, no entries will be accepted after this date.

Event Date

May 4, 2019, 6–9 p.m.
Seattle Design Center, Seattle

Event info & tickets


The Remodeling Excellence (REX) and Trades Remodeling Excellence (T-REX) Awards are presented by the Remodelers Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, the oldest Remodelers Council in the nation. This annual event is a celebration of craftsmanship and superior remodeling expertise. Festivities include a cocktail hour, dinner, and awards ceremony. REX/T-REX is a combined awards celebration; trades partners and designers are recognized alongside REX winners.

Entrants are urged to attend and to invite staff, subcontractors, and homeowner clients, as well as friends and business partners. T-REX recipients are especially encouraged to attend. This is an opportunity to show appreciation and support to all involved in a project. Winners will be announced in advance.

New this year, categories with six (6) or more entries will have a first and second place award to honor the diverse projects submitted by our members.

REX Judging Criteria

  • Aesthetics—visual appeal
    • Does the remodel look attractive?
    • Does the craftsmanship look professional?
  • Special or unique design solutions—space planning, livability
    • How does creativity work into the remodel?
    • Is the remodel functional beyond the previous design?
  • Quality—special crafting, exceptional features
    • What are the outstanding features of the project?
    • Is there attention to detail?
  • Use of appropriate building materials—complements existing structure and design
    • Did the remodeler use materials that enhance the design?
    • Were there excess materials?
  • Budgetary consideration—solutions to budgetary constraints
    • How did the project keep within the budget and still deliver client expectations?
    • Were there any measures to cut costs?
  • Challenges and obstacles—unique challenges the entrant faced in completing the project
    • Were there any unexpected obstacles that called for adjustments?
    • Were there unusual circumstances that created additional challenges?

Judging Specifics

All entries are judged on their own merits by a panel of professionals from various fields of expertise. Each of the six judging criteria are assigned a maximum number of points. The project in each category with the most points will receive the award. The judges’ decisions are final.

Our judges reserve the right to withhold an award in a category if the projects submitted do not score adequate points or do not meet the definition of the category.

Multiple Entries

A maxiumum of ten (10) REX entries are allowed per company.

Entries can be entirely separate projects with different addresses. Applicants are also allowed to enter the same project in more than one category, i.e., a full main floor remodel may be entered independently in both the Major Remodel and Kitchen categories.

Any project entered into more than one category must have a unique project description and photos isolating the individual room. Entries that do not conform may be disqualified and will have only one (1) entry eligible.

REX Entry Categories

Please review the categories carefully and enter the category that best represents your project. MBAKS and our judges reserve the right to re-categorize any submission to a more appropriate category.

Categories 1–6 are open only to RC builder members.

Categories 7–9 are open to all RC members, including designers and trades; designers and trades entrants are encouraged to thank all involved parties on award projects, including builder members. 

Category 10 is open to our associate and trade members only.

Category 1: Bath Excellence

  • Less Than $35,000
  • $35,000 to $60,000
  • $60,000 to $80,000
  • More Than $80,000

Category 2: Kitchen Excellence

  • Less Than $50,000
  • $50,000 to $100,000
  • $100,000 to $150,000
  • More Than $150,000

Category 3: Residential Remodel Excellence—Addition

Includes but is not limited to additions, add-a-levels, and attic build-outs. Entries must include increased square footage to the home.

  • Less Than $200,000
  • $200,000 to $500,000
  • More Than $500,000

Category 4: Residential Remodel Excellence—Major Remodel

Projects that remodeled or renovated a substantial portion of a building's interior and/or exterior, including complete re-builds using existing foundation.

  • Less Than $200,000
  • $200,000 to $500,000
  • $500,000 to $750,000
  • More Than $750,000

Category 5: Residential Remodel Excellence—ADU & Basement Remodeling

Projects created expressly for a basement area and/or to create a dedicated accessory dwelling unit.

Category 6: Commercial Remodel Excellence

Commercial tenant improvement projects and/or landlord remodels.

Category 7: Aging in Place & Universal Design

Projects that include universal design features such as but not limited to one-story living, elevators and lifts, and widening hallways and doorways.

Category 8: Landscape & Outdoor Living Excellence

Projects including swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub areas; outdoor kitchen and gathering spaces; outdoor fireplaces and fire pits; specialty lighting, etc.

  • Less Than $50,000
  • More Than $50,000

Category 9: Get Away Room & Specialty Space

An exclusive place to hang out, take refuge, and enjoy what you love, including but not limited to specially-equipped garages, media rooms, billiard rooms, smoking rooms, and wine cellars. Projects must be located within the existing home or an addition; DADUs do not qualify.

  • Less Than $50,000
  • More Than $50,000

Category 10: Design Excellence

Projects in this category showcase the details that make remodeling projects truly amazing, as well as innovative designs and techniques. Only associate and specialty trades members are eligible to enter in this category.

  • Specialty Details & Finishes—Less Than $25,000
  • Specialty Details & Finishes—More Than $25,000
  • Interior Design—Less Than $125,000
  • Interior Design—More Than $125,000
  • Architecture

REX Entry Requirements


Remodeler members and associate members in good standing of the Remodelers Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties may enter projects. Active participation in the council is a requirement; you must have attended or participated in a minimum of two (2) Remodelers Council events/programs in the past 12 months. You may include one upcoming event prior to the March 8 entry deadline. Email if you are unsure of which events you have attended.

New this year: Projects completed after January 1, 2017 and not previously entered into REX are eligible for entry. Due to technical restrictions with the entry form programming, if your project falls between January 1–Dec 31, 2017, you are instructed to use January 1, 2018 as your project finish date.  If you have any questions about this, please reach out to the REX committee for clarification.

Entry fees & payment

$300 per entry.
Each entry includes one (1) REX/T-REX Awards dinner ticket

Upon completion, the form will direct you to an online payment page. Online payment is due at the time of entry. Unpaid entries will be disqualified.

Project Descriptions

  • Provide a project description in the entry form for each project you submit.
    • Registrants must submit a unique project description for each category entered.
  • Limit each description to 400 words (2,500 characters).
  • Explain or clarify submitted images and provide overall detail of the project.
    • For example: “The kitchen was transformed from 200 square feet to 500 square feet by changing the entryway of the home.”
  • Short descriptions for display board and project narratives will be written by MBAKS staff, to be reviewed and approved by project participants.
  • Recommendations: Project descriptions serve as your project’s narrative and are used by the judges in evaluating your entry. Keep the judging criteria in mind. Describe the challenges of the project and the benefits of the end product.

Images & Other Files

Upload the files listed below to Dropbox. An upload link will be provided upon completing the form. You do not need a Dropbox account to upload files. Please label files clearly and upload a separate, zipped folder for each submitted project.

  • Company logo
    • Logos must be submitted as a vector file (EPS) or as a high-resolution PNG or JPG file (minimum 1200 pixels tall or wide, at least 150 KB)
  • Corresponding before and after floor plans for each project submitted.
    • Please limit each entry to one 11"x17" page for before plans and one 11"x17" page for after plans. If multiple floor plan pages are submitted for a single entry, MBAKS staff will select up to two pages that best represent the project's state before and after the remodel, resizing to fit an 11"x17" sheet if necessary. 
  • Project photos (specifications below)
    • Use different photos for each submission, specific to the category entered
  • Signed photo release form by each photographer used for your entries
    • Work with your photographer on appropriate and relevant copyright and photo release permission. Photos of projects may be used by the Master Builders Association in press releases, promotions, and other publicity.

Entry materials will not be returned. Save additional copies for your files.


  • For each entry, submit no more than 12 photos, including a minimum of:
    • Two (2) before photos.
    • Two (2) after photos, including one (1) horizontal after photo. Only horizontal photos will be used on project canvasses for display at the awards banquet.
  • Photos must be submitted as a high resolution (4200 x 7000 pixel minimum, typically at least 10 MB) PNG or JPG file.
  • All photos are to be single-image (no collages) and in color.
  • File names:
    • Include your company name and entry category in file names.
    • Indicate one (1) before photo and one (1) after photo for each entry to be used on the gallery board.
  • Exterior shots are required for projects that involve additions.
  • Recommendations: It is important to convey the scope of your project clearly. Create a presentation for the judges to describe the spirit of the remodel. To best illustrate your project:
    • Take before and after photos from the same location.
    • Use a professional photographer.

Project Information

  • You may enter your own home, however, you must state the actual market price of materials, labor, appliances, etc. Self-performed labor must be included if it is your own home to keep categories and price ranges realistic and apples to apples.
  • Total cost of projects should include materials supplied by homeowner.
    • When submitting a project to multiple categories, calculate the cost separately for each category. For example, a $200,000 major remodel could also be submitted as a $70,000 kitchen remodel.

Trades Remodeling Excellence (T-REX) Awards

REX entrants are asked to identify two tradespartners, designers, vendors, or suppliers per submission who contributed to the success of the project. Only nominees who are current MBAKS members or who join MBAKS by April 1 are eligible for the T-REX awards.

In the event your project wins in any of the eligible REX categories, the eligible trades contractors you put forward will be called to the stage with you. You will have an opportunity to thank them and present them with their award. Please ensure that you and your trades partners are able to attend on May 4, 2019 to accept awards if selected as a winner. 

Submit REX/T-REX entries now